March 24

My Term Review

I learnt a lot of things this term but the one I think I’ve learnt a lot from is probably the human body. I did the cardiovascular system with Cooper from the other class.

We also did tombola in Italian. Tombola is  bingo in Italian. We pick numbers between certain numbers and signora Senzo our Italian teacher will call out numbers and if we get all ten numbers we call out “tombola”. The person who wins ‘’tombola” gets to call out the numbers for the next round.

In performing arts we are doing tongue twisters. An example of a tongue twister is  “she sells sea shells by the sea shore”. Our teacher Mrs Bergin is a very fun and colourful teacher who taught us  tongue twisters.

Another thing I really enjoy is our blogs. this link is my blog come have a check of  my blog please leave a question or comment on my blog. We also do student blogging challenges. One of the challenges we did was we had to make our own avatar and describe what it is about and how it shows who i am. Thanks for reading my post and please leave a question or comment. you know my blog link, so please have a look at it.

March 9

My Start Of 2016!!!

Hi everyone,

This post is about the start of 2016!!! Now I am in year 5 and I’m really liking it my teacher is very nice, also my class is very good and I have made lots of new friends in my class which is good. If you looked at my last post I said what my goals were. Two of my favourite things this year have been making new friends and learning heaps of new things.

How has your start of the Year been?  

Please leave a message or comment.

By for now, see you at my next story.

March 8

My Goals

Hi everyone,

My goals for this year is….

  1. learn all my times tables
  2. have a good year
  3. do all my homework
  4. learn about new people

Do you have any goals for this year please leave a message or comment on my blog

March 2

Day At My Friends

It was a hot sunny day as I was on my way to my friend Hannah’s house, with my sister Vanessa and my cousin Karly. My mum drove us to  Hannah’s house and the first thing we did was play Uno. We played about 4 rounds of it.


My favourite thing that we did was to go into Hannah’s pool. First we had a little swim around and then we played a game where one of us would be a lifeguard and the other would pretend to be in the water. The lifeguard would have to save the person because they would pretend they couldn’t swim.
For lunch we had hot dogs, party pies and sausage rolls. We played a couple more rounds of Uno and after that we went back outside into the pool. It was really funny because Hannah had a blow up lobster in the pool and Hannah and I were trying to stand on it but we would fall into the water. My mum came to pick us up later on but to conclude, this day might be a day I will always remember!!!