August 11

2016 Federal Election votes

Today in class we collected data from The Federal Australian Election Votes.

Some things that I noticed were:

  • Labor came first with 47.2%
  •  Second was Liberal with 38.9%
  •  Third was The Greens with 13.9%.
  • Labor has more than 3,000,000 more votes than The Greens
  • Liberal has 2,000,000 more votes than than The  Greens

What Do you think the Votes will be next election?

August 5

Scott’s Cafe Review

Scott’s Cafe Review

Today I went to Scott’s Cafe it is quite different to other places you go to. I walked into the cafe it was packed with people, I saw people eating different foods I’ve never combined together before. So I didn’t waste time worrying about what the food taste like. At Scott’s Cafe it is an open buffet I went to the food the first thing that caught my eye was the seaweed crackers with tzatziki. The flavours that burst into my mouth salty, crunchy, tasty and the dip was rather cold. I then ate carrot with hummus it was fresh, sweet and bitter.

Just as I was about to leave a young man stood up and recommended for everyone to try seaweed crackers with eggplant dip. I thought something new I’d never heard of. When I put it in my mouth I could hear the crunching of the cracker but also tasting sweet, fresh, bitter and it was very healthy.

I recommend this cafe if you are an adventurous eater!!!


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