September 16

Inquiry Reflection

What have I learnt about people, places and events of Australian history from the last century? 

This term in inquiry we have been learning about Democracy, Federation, Government and Australian Political Figures. With Democracy, Federation and Government we went to the Australian Parliament house for an excursion. We learnt about how to make a bill, Who the main people in the Parliament house and we did our own little debates with scripts and roles to play. Making a bill has to go through a debate first to see who’s against it and who’s for it, then they will make a vote about it and then the speaker will count up the votes and then he/she will say “ I think the ayes have it” or say “I think the nos have it.” Another thing that we have been doing is our own inquiry plt. ( personal learning task ) You have to pick Australian Political Figure and find information on how they impacted on Australia. I’m doing Annabelle Rankin I picked her because I didn’t know anything about her and I had never heard of her before. She was the first woman from Queensland to sit in the Parliament Of Australia, her opening campaign speech in Maryborough in July 1946 attracted one of the largest crowds ever to attend a political meeting in that town, the number including almost twice as many women as men.

I learnt a lot this term about  Democracy, Federation and Government I hope I do the same with Our next term inquiry topic Geography.



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