October 20


In class today we watched a BTN video about where rubbish goes and about what Landfill is. I learnt that the waste at the Landfill place can go under to 16 meters underground, there can be up to 8 layers of rubbish stacked on top of each other with a layer of soil in between. Once a layer is filled in trees, shrubs and grass can be planted over it. Landfills usually last for about 50 years before they have to find a new sight for our rubbish.

After we watched the video we played a game teaching us which rubbish goes in the right bin. What you had to do in the game was you had pieces of rubbish, clothes, food scraps (things like that) and you would have six bins. The bins are Kitchen caddy, Worm farm, Organic bin, Recycle bin, Waste to landfill bin and compost bin. Then you would put the rubbish into the right bin. After watching this video and playing the rubbish game I understand a bit more about what we can do to help our environment. I would like to ask some Questions about rubbish: What is Landfill? What do you think is the long term impact of using landfills? What do You do to help save our Environment? If you would like to watch the video about Landfill here is the link http://www.abc.net.au/btn/story/s3953606.htm.  



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