November 14

Camp Reflection

Before Camp

I am excited that we are going to camp tomorrow because I get to spend a fun time with my friends and I’ve never done something like what we are going to do at camp ( plus there’s no school!!!! )

I am hoping that I have a really cool and fun experience at camp. I am looking forward to the activities because they sound like fun and also the campfire.

I am hoping that after camp I can learn more about people.


The best part of camp was the campfire because it was fun and I learnt new and silly songs. The giant swing was also really fun because it felt like I was flying and my last one is the Flying Fox because it was going fast.

The funniest thing was when we were doing the trust exercises and people fell into the muddy water because some people dived in themselves, Also, doing the mud run was funny, because of people’s’ reactions to what we had to do in the mud run.

The hardest part was walking up this giant hill everyday.

Something I learned for the first time was how to canoe properly and how to do archery.

Some of the people  I got to know better were the people in my cabin. I learnt what their lifestyle is like at home. (the people in my cabin were Jasmine, Caoimhe, Natasha, Akuac, Daisy and Alex)

Something that surprised me was that my group actually worked pretty well in our activities.

The most memorable part was the campfire because everyone that came to camp was altogether. Plus, the things that the people in my cabin did will be very memorable.  

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