February 23

My Busy Week 4

This week senior IG have done lots of things. We have done art, library, genius hour, the year 5’s did their SRC speeches, twilight sport practices and the year 6’s had a leadership day. One of the things that I have been enjoying is the twilight sport practices because the sport leaders ( I am one of them ) had to come up with a dance and a song to perform at twilight sports but we have to teach it to our house colours first. We have been practicing marching, dancing and the activities we will be doing at twilight sport. Another thing that I did enjoy was the year 6 leadership day, it was an interesting and fun day that we had. First we had Ashlings sister Niamh come in and talk to us about how she was a leader at her school Siena and what she did to get the opportunity to be a leader at Siena. After she talked to us the teachers had made us a book with all these different activities for us to do to teach us how we can be a good leader. But my favourite thing was having potato cakes and chips for lunch, wearing free dress and bringing in a snack to share with everyone. Overall this week has been really fun for me and I can’t wait for next week.


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  1. avabsl


    Sounds like you have had a lot of fun in Senior IG. What is your favorite subject in Senior IG??

    From Ava


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