May 19

Our Inquiry

This term in inquiry we are learning about space. We first started doing a mindmup of what we know about space. I’ve been learning a lot of new things since I have been learning about space. Yesterday we watched a BTN ( Behind The News) video about the Rosetta Mission and comets.

I learnt…..

  •  that 70% of our Earth is made up of water, but scientists don’t know how it all got here. One possibility is that it came here in comets, so studying a comet up close could tell us for sure
  • Comets are made up of Dirt, Rock and Ice
  • Scientist’s think studying comets might explain how life on Earth
  • A Rosetta has been able to tell what a comet would smell like. It would smell like rotten egg, alcohol,bitter almonds, vinegar and horse wee
  • Comets are small and hoe no gravity to land a Rosetta

Thank you for reading my story

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