July 28

Week 2 Term 3

This week has been such an exciting week. We have done maths, sport, art, music,Italian, social emotional learning and choreographing and teaching the preps there dance for the concert. My favourite thing was teaching the preps there dance. Akuac, Keira, Daisy, Vivienne and I all came up with a dance together for the opening act of the production. On Thursday Akuac and I taught Prep K the dance and they were so good we got through the whole song. So far this week has been very busy!!!!!

July 20

Soccer Round Robin

In term 2 some of the seniors did a soccer round robin. We all did 5 games but the girls got to do 6 because we got into the grand final but unfortunately the boys didn’t get in. We versed Pinewood the scores were 1-0 unfortunately we lost but we all tried really hard and we did our best. The next week later the girls found out we still got into the next round of soccer even though we lost!!!